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General Conditions of Sale (GCS)

  1. General Conditions of Sale, as listed below, are an integral part of any agreement between Izostal (Seller) and the Purchaser contained in a confirmed order (contract).
  2. The Agreement is considered to be realized with a tolerance of + / -2% confirmed to perform quantity of goods, unless the agreement does not provide otherwise. Completion of delivery of this is proof of execution of the contract and is the basis for invoicing.
  3. If the buyer delays with the reception of ready announced goods, starting from the third working day from the date of notification, the Buyer will pay the costs of storage, the amount of which is 0.1% of the value of the total quantity of goods announced to be collected and staying on suppliers stock for each day of delay. In this case, Izostal S.A. reserves the right to suspend the execution of other contracts to the Buyer without incurring any penalties for late deliveries.
  4. Terms of delivery specified in the contract will be in accordance with the conditions set out in Incoterms 2000.
  5. Unless otherwise indicated, the price is expressed in Euro.
  6. Unless otherwise specified, IZOSTAL SA for implementation of 3LPP coating uses materials and conducts research for the operating temperature of 90 degrees Celsius.
  7. The date of payment for the goods will always be determined in the agreement (contract) and runs from the date of invoice.
  8. The date of payment shall be the date of receipt of funds for the bank account indicated on the invoice.
  9. The received goods are owned Izostal until the buyer will pay the entire price for the goods arising from the contract.
  10. Izostal SA warrants that the goods are in accordance with the provisions contained in the customer order confirmation. Buyer should provide the seller with all necessary information in order to ensure the proper development of these records. Izostal SA is not responsible for failure to submit information from the buyer.
  11. Goods are subject to inspection by authorized employees of the Bureau of Quality Assurance Izostal. We also accept the possibility of additional forms of quality control, but  it requires an individual agreement contained in the contract.
  12. Complaints about non-compliance of the quantity of delivered goods the Buyer shall submit immediately after its discovery, but no later than 7 days from the date of issue of shipping documents.
  13. The buyer is obliged to assess the quality of the goods immediately after receipt, but no later than at the time of the introduction of this product to the further processing / reprocessing or destination for resale. Quality complaint may be filed not later than 30 days from the date of receipt of the goods. If the complaint is upheld qualitative Izostal at its own expense repair the damage, or provide new goods free from defects or reduce the price of the goods.
  14. In any event, Customer must fulfill its obligation of mitigation of financial  damages. He is not entitled to delay the payment of any outstanding invoices.
  15. Seller shall not be liable for any loss of processing expenses, loss of production, loss of revenue and/or any other consequential or special loss or damage directly or indirectly sustained by customer.
  16. Sellers liability will in any event be limited to 100% of the invoiced value of the defective or damaged goods.
  17. Termination of the contract may be made only by agreement of the Parties. 
    Termination of the agreement must be in writing to be valid.
  18. In case of delayed payment the seller is entitled to calculate delay interests in the amount of 14% p.a.
  19. Agreement shall be exclusively governed by Polish law. All matters not governed by the agreement and disputes arising in the course of or in connection with the agreement, which will not be settled amicably shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the Commercial Court in Opole. 
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