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Izostal S.A. - manufacturer of internal and external anti-corrosion coating for steel pipes - particularly focuses on quality of its products and services. Its business is based on the policy of sustainable development that assumes aware and suitably shaped relation between the energy result, profit maximization, meeting Customers' demands and care of the natural environment as  well as respecting Occupational Safety and Health conditions.

In our actions to meet Customers' requirements and achieve competitive advantage in the market, Izostal S.A. shall observe applicable laws and other environmental, OSH and energy regulations that apply to our operations.

Our priority is to use advanced, innovative technological solutions, and the same energy-saving solutions and to prevent any negative impact on the environment and to prevent accidents at work.

We are determined to maintain and continuously improve operated by Izostal S.A. Integrated Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2015, Environmental Management per ISO 14001:2015, OSH per PN-N-18001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007, Energy per PN-EN ISO 50001:2012 and to perform any testing in compliance with PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Our Integrated Managements System ensures correct, systematically governed realization of all controlled and monitored processes, both technological and business, that affect quality of our products and services.

Our superior objectives in realization of the Policy of Integrated Management System include:
• providing to our Customers highest standard products and services that meet regulations of law and allow earning profits by our Company,
• performing testing,
• correct management of materials, wastes and energy resources,
• minimizing amount of pollutions emitted to the environment,
• care of health, life and safety of our employees, Customers, Suppliers and Society.

We shall realize the above objectives by:
• systematic growth of technological level of our products and services with correct use and consumption of energy,
• employment of specified, documented and understood testing methods to meet our Customers' requirements,
• constant increase of our goodwill,
• new projects and extension of environmentally friendly products on the basis of our Customers' needs,
• achieving undertaken quality goals, environmental, OSH and energy programs and objectives,
• pursuing leader's position in services consisting in isolating steel pipes with anti-corrosion coats in the Middle Europe region,
• rationalized utilization of materials used for production,
• actions aimed to protect natural resources by limiting consumption of paper, electric power and fuels,
• continued improvement of conditions and activities related to occupational safety and health,
• rising employees' qualifications and awareness in the area of environment and OSH,
• preventing breakdowns, accidents at work, near miss incidents and occupational diseases.

Completion of our objectives shall be guaranteed by:
• improving effectiveness of our Integrated Management System,
• constant improvement of our energy result,
• maintaining durable and positive relationships with our Customers and consequent realization of their requirements,
• improving processes at Izostal S.A., particularly processes that are essential to meet our Customers' requirements,
• monitoring and supervision over processes and made products,
• ensuring confidence for our competences, objective assessment and reliable actions,
• protecting confidential information and proprietary rights,
• ensuring safe working conditions and following OSH procedures,
• efficient use of resources, including human resources, financial means and technical capabilities,
• solutions that prevent environmental pollution and risks,
• identifying environmental aspects that require monitoring or improvement,
• reduction of manufacturing wastes,
• long-term and mutually profitable cooperation with suppliers that offer highest quality materials and services, while meeting any environmental and OSH requirements,
• training our employees,
• propagating and providing information to employees and active participation of employees to ensure effectiveness of the system,
• efficient internal and external communication in the area of Environmental Protection, OSH and energy management by the Company.
Management of Izostal S.A. shall improve the energy result, protect resources needed for realization of undertaken, implemented and maintained policy and shall ensure that it is publicly available, communicated, updated and reviewed, evaluated, understood and followed by employees and all other persons who work for our Company.

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