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As the result of increasing demand for completion of deliveries within the scope of realisation of material deliveries for constructing transmission pipelines, Izostal S.A. has extended its offer to include steel pipe fittings.
Our offer includes elbows, bends, tees and reducers. Fittings are cold- or hot-formed, depending on the wall thickness and strength performance of the material. Our offer also includes complex application of anticorrosive coatings, both external and internal, on fixtures. Wide scope of specialisations of stored carrier pipes, being charge material in the process of fitting manufacturing, ensures fast order realisation. The offer includes virtually a full range of dimensions: from DN 15 mm to DN 1000 mm, with the intended use in constructing transmission pipelines, pressure regulating stations and intermediate pumping stations.

Applicable standards:

  • KER 80/2/05 – smooth bends,
  • KER 83/2/01 – short smooth bends,
  • DVGW G463 – steel mains in gas pipelines of operating pressure above 16 bar - bends,
  • EN 13480 – metal industrial pipelines, inspection and tests - bends,
  • ANSI B16.9 – butt welded fittings made of worked steel – bends, tees and elbows,
  • DIN 2605-1,2 – steel elbows (reduced utilisation factor 1, full utilisation factor 2),
  • DIN 2615-½ – steel tees (reduced utilisation factor 1, full utilisation factor 2),
  • DIN 2616-½ – steel reducers (reduced utilisation factor 1, full utilisation factor 2),
  • EN 10290 PUR B3 – steel pipes and fittings used in constructing sea and coastal pipelines. External coatings of polyurethane and modified polyurethane - external coatings.

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