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The Company has not developed a formal diversity policy with respect to the Company's governing bodies and key managers. Nevertheless, internal regulations, including: The Work Rules of Izostal S.A., the Company's personnel policy and the Code of Ethics applied by the Company, take into account such elements of diversity as gender, education, age and professional experience, recognizing diversity and equal opportunities in the workplace.

The internal regulations of Izostal S.A. place emphasis on equal treatment of employees in employment, respect for the company community and prohibition of discrimination. The Company is committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all employees to develop without discrimination. In accordance with the provisions of the Code of Ethics of the Company, the necessary diversity of employees, based on their skills or qualifications required for the performance of a specific function, is not considered discrimination within the Company.

The main assessment criterion used in the selection of the company's governing bodies and its key managers is the competence and professional experience of individual candidates.


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