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Selection of the bid submitted by the Company Izostal S.A., as the most favourable one for the supply of coated steel pipes DN 700 to AB Amber Grid

29-05-2019 08:51

Report no.: 19/2019

Legal basis: Art. 17 Clause 1 MAR - confidential information.
The Management Board of Izostal S.A. (the Company, the Supplier) informs that on May 29, 2019 was informed that the AB Amber Grid with its registered office in Vilnius, Republic of Lithuania (the Contracting Entity) selected the bid submitted by the Company Izostal S.A. as the most beneficial in a public offering procedure for supplying coated steel pipes DN 700 for the investment task performed by AB Amber Grid: construction of Gas Interconnection Poland – Lithuania (GIPL) in the territory of The Republic of Lithuania with length of ca. 170 km.

The value of the offer submitted by the Company is 26,425 thousand EUR net, which after conversion according to the exchange rate of the National Bank of Poland published on 28 May 2019 amounts to 113,540 thousand PLN net.

The terms sheet provides for the realization of deliveries in the period from 2019 to 2021.

According to the received information, the procurement contract shall be concluded forthwith, but not earlier than after the expiry of the adjournment/grace period (a period of 10 days after the date of dispatch of notice of contract award) as well as adoption of respective decisions of Contracting Entity.

The Company will publish a separate current report with information on the conclusion of the contract with AB Amber Grid.

Management Board President, Marek Mazurek  2019-05-29
Management Board Vice President, Michał Pietrek  2019-05-29

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